10 Cuts Of Cheese is a shop located in Koramangala, Bangalore where customers can buy cheese from a select variety of Indian artisanal cheese and imported cheese. Cheese pairing food items are also available to buy as well as a collection of food story books. To complete the overall experience, 10 Cuts Of Cheese conducts classes and events hosted by notable food chefs, experts and foodies.


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Buy cheese from 10 Cuts Of Cheese who sell cheese as its primary focus with a passion.

Indian artisanal cheese is available in the store like mozzarella, camembert, kalari, gouda and more. Most of the top selling and popular imported cheese like cheddar, manchego and parmigiano-reggiano are also sourced.

Visit the store to enjoy a sensory experience -

1. Experience aromas of fine cheese
2. Sample tasty cheese offerings
3. Eye delectable cheese
4. Feel cheese textures
5. Participate in engaging cheese                            conversations

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Buy a variety of food that complement cheese that include olives from Greece, crackers from UK, olive oil from Italy, jams from France, and much more.

Some recommendations for cheese pairing that enhance the gourmet experience are ...

1. Baked french Brie with maple syrup and           nuts. 

2. Drizzled honey over Italian Parmigiano            Reggiano. 

3. English Cheddar paired with 72% dark             chocolate. 

4. Threesome of Italian Gorgonzola blue                cheese, fresh apple and dried apricots. 

5. Spanish Manchego with fig jam. 

6. Greek Feta salad with olives, balsamic              vinegar & cherry tomatoes. 

7. Selection of mixed berries with Dutch               Gouda. 

8. Cranberry stuffed English Wensleydale.

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Buy from a selection of food story books available at the 10 Cuts Of Cheese store that are written by chefs, food critics, food bloggers and foodies that describe in vivid detail their pleasurable journey and indulgent experiences with food. 

So to name a few, there are books by Madhur Jaffrey, Anthony Bourdain, Julia Child, Roald Dahl, Karen Anand, Simon  Majumdar and Kalyan Karmakar.

There are also books available for customers to browse when they visit the store.


10 Cuts Of Cheese was started by Christopher Albuquerque who has over 25 years' business experience in IT strategy, consulting, business development and project implementations in India and overseas. Most of his working life he has lived in Hong Kong & Singapore. Food is a passion for him and he has travelled extensively to many countries enjoying the experience of local culture, customs, food and people. 

10 Cuts Of Cheese has operational staff and access to a panel of experts.

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