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The Parties to this Privacy Policy hereby unconditionally agree that unless the context otherwise requires, the terms listed below when used in this Privacy Policy shall have the meanings attached to them and these terms shall be interpreted accordingly. The terms listed below as used in this Privacy Policy may be identified by the capitalization of the first letter of each principal word thereof. In addition to the terms defined below, the meanings of the terms defined in the Definitive Documents executed between the Customer and the Company shall be made applicable mutatis mutandis to this Privacy Policy:


Public Information” shall mean any information that is available to anyone on or off the Website and can be seen or accessed through online search engines, APIs, and offline media, such as on TV.


Collected Information” shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 3.1.


Non-Aggregated Collected Information” shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 3.3.


Aggregated Collected Information” shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 3.5.



In this Privacy Policy, except to the extent that the context otherwise requires:



2.1.   References to a statute, ordinance or other Law shall be deemed to include any references to a statute, ordinance or other Law as amended, supplemented  or replaced from time to time in accordance with its terms and (where applicable) subject to compliance with the requirements set forth therein and shall include regulations and other instruments under such statue, ordinance or other Law;


2.2.      References to Clauses, are reference to clauses in this Privacy Policy unless the context requires otherwise and the recitals to this Privacy Policy shall always be deemed to form part of this Privacy Policy;


2.3.      The headings are inserted for convenience only and shall not affect the construction of this Privacy Policy;


2.4.      The masculine gender includes the feminine gender and vice versa.


2.5.      In the context of this Privacy Policy, the Parties agree that their respective rights and obligations under this Privacy Policy shall be interpreted, acted upon and governed in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.




3.1.   The Company shall collect and store the following information (hereinafter referred to as “Collected Information”) :

3.1.1.   Activities of all the Customers and the information provided by them

3.1.2.   The Customer’s network and connections

3.1.3.   Device information of the Customer.

3.1.4.   Information from the third party partners.


3.2.   The Company shall use Collected Information for the following reasons:

3.2.1.   Provide, improve, develop the Website

3.2.2.   Communicate with the Customer in a more efficient and effective manner

3.2.3.   To promote safety and security

3.2.4.   For better Customer experience

3.2.5.   For better decisions and better choices

3.2.6.   For displaying and measuring the services rendered through the Website

3.2.7.   For research and data analytics.


3.3.   The Company reserves the right to share the Collected Information which can be used for personally identification of any User (hereinafter referred to as “Non-Aggregated Collected Information”) only in the following instances:

3.3.1.   When a Customer purchases a Purchased Item, to the Delivery Agent.

3.3.2.   If required under Applicable Law or for a bona fide purpose to facilitate a judicial proceeding.

3.3.3.   In case of violation or perceived violations of any of these clauses in the Privacy Policy and/or any other policies of the Company.

3.3.4.   In case of violation of any third party rights

3.3.5.   In case of change of ownership of Company, to such new owner.


3.4.   Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the Company shall not sell any Non-Aggregated Collected Information to any third party.


3.5.   The Company reserves the right to share the Collected Information which cannot be used for personally identification of any User (hereinafter referred to as “Aggregated Collected Information”) to any third party.


3.6.   Aggregated information does not include Public information. 


3.7.   The Company does not take any responsibility for misuse of the Public Information on or off the Website.


3.8.   The Customer grants the Company a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any intellectual property in relation to any information and/or content that is shared by the Customer on or off the Website. The license shall persist even after the deletion of such information and/or content from the Website in case the Company has backed up the data for requirement under Applicable Law or for the purposes laid down and those incidental thereto in Clauses 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3.


4.      COOKIES


The App uses cookies necessary to enable or enhance certain functionality of the Website, such as recalling the Customer’s recent actions on the App or remembering the Customer’s account settings. If the Customer has Cookies disabled in his browser, these Cookies will be blocked.




In accordance with Applicable Law, reasonable security practices and procedures have been put in place to protect the Non- Aggregated Information. However, the Company shall not be liable for data theft and/or any consequential losses suffered thereto, if such breach has been caused by hackers and/or any other third party that actively engages itself to disrupt and/or circumvent the security systems of the Company.



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